The Open international regatta Sevastopol International Cup was held in Sevastopol from October 3-6. It was the first time the National Sailing League team and Sevastopol Yachting Federation held a regatta using this new format—J/70s became the major part of a great marine festival ‘Sevastopol Sails’ that was organized with the help of Sevastopol’s government. 18 teams took part including two foreign teams: ZID art Sailing team (Serbia) and WILD CARD (Ireland), the latter represented one of the oldest European Yacht Club (Royal Cork Yacht Club). Olympic Champions, European and World Champions were among the participants. 28 qualifying and three medal races were held during three days. The top five teams were competing in medal races to win a prize pool of 600 000 rubles. These teams are: M-Sailing – CSKA (Russia), ZID art Sailing team (Serbia), B-Team (Russia), GALS (Russia), X-Fit (Russia). Final results were calculated by the following scheme: place after qualifying races plus sum of the points gained during medal races. M-Sailing – CSKA was in first place after qualifying, but medal races were so unpredictable and spectacular that they shuffled the teams in the overall standings. B-Team won two medal races and GALS won one race, but ZID art Sailing team was the most stable team in terms of results, as they came second in all three races. The fate of the Cup was decided during the last medal race. B-Team won the race, but ZID art Sailing team won the Cup. Two victories in medal races allowed B-Team to secure second place. The leader of qualifying, M-Sailing – CSKA was third. GALS and X-Fit came fourth and fifth. Organizers hope that Sevastopol International Cup will become an annual part of the Sevastopol Sailing Festival.

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