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Current Class Rules

The class rules comprise the official Class Rules document, as well as the current Building Specification.  The International Technical Committee maintains a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, which provides interpretations, explanations, and clarifications of the rules where needed.  The J/70 Class organization operates according to the Class Constitution.  All of these documents are linked below in PDF format.

J/70 Class Rules [2022-02-15] 

Changes from prior version [2022-02-15]

J/70 Building Specification [2022-02-15]

J/70 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [2021-07-23]

J/70 International Class Constitution [2013-07-02]

Technical Bulletins & Reports

From time-to-time the Class Technical Committee will issue technical bulletins or other reports addressing rules-related issues as they arise.  They are linked below.

 J/70 ICA 2020 Survey Summary

 J/70 Technical Bulletin 2021-07-22 

 J/70 Technical Bulletin 2020-02-03 

J/70 Technical Bulletin 2019-08-01  (Note: Incorporated into the FAQ)

J/70 Technical Bulletin 2019-04-18  (Note: Incorporated into Class Rules)

J/70 Crew Positioning & Hiking Guidelines

J/70 2017 World Championship Keel Compliance Report

Racing and Event Regulations

In order to standardize the equipment inspection and on-water racing experience in J/70s and to better support regatta Organizing Authorities, the Class publishes official Equipment Regulations (covering how boats and sails are inspected at events) and Regatta Regulations (covering how race committees run the sailing events). Note that the Notice of Race for most Class-Sponsored events will incorporate the Equipment Regulations and Regatta Regulations as rules.  The Organizing Authority Guidelines are intended to assist in the planning for Class-sponsored events.

J/70 Equipment Regulations [2021-02-01]

J/70 Regatta Regulations [2021-02-01]

J/70 Organizing Authority Guidelines [2021-02-01]


Contact the Class Office for NOR and SI templates, as well as other useful forms.

World Championship Qualifying

J/70 World Championship Qualification System 2022

J/70 World Championship Qualification System 2023

Qualified for 2023 J/70 Worlds

2022 J/70 World Championship Petition

Manufacturer’s Declaration Information

J/70 Manufacturer’s Declaration Information and Request Form

J/70 Manufacturer’s Declaration & Boat Weight Database