Luca Domenici’s NOTARO team is the winner of the second stage of the Italian J/70 Cup 2023. In Rimini, where J/70 Italian Class and Yacht Club Rimini joined forces for the third consecutive year, Domenici’s NOTARO team took the lead at the end of the penultimate race and held on to their delicate lead in the very light breeze of the last race to stand atop the podium. Domenici’s team included Diego Negri, Lorenzo Bressani and Michele Mennuti. “It was a wonderful weekend. We achieved our well-deserved success in the face of very complicated weather and a competitive fleet. We always stayed in phase with the breeze, despite the changing conditions. It’s a performance that makes us happy, for which I thank my crew and which I dedicate to my family! Even from a distance, my family has always been supportive and have followed us step by step”, commented Domenici during the award ceremony. Following the NOTARO team on the podium was Vasco Serpa’s FAKE NEWS/SAIL CASAIS from Portugal with a team of Diogo Machado Pinto and Paulo Manso. After the first five races, they were leading the fleet quite comfortably with three bullets on their scorecard. However, their next two races were two 12ths. The bronze medal went to the Corinthian winner, too: Tommaso de Bellis Vitti’s FIVE FOR FIGHTING 4.0. Rounding out the top five was Mauro Roversi’s J-CURVE in fourth and Luis Albert’s Spanish team on PATAKIN in fifth place. Looking at the Corinthian ranking, Bellis Vitti’s FIVE FOR FIGHTING 4.0 team (Andrea Airo, Giovanna Micol & Raffaello Perrini) was on the top step of the podium. They were followed by Sofia Giondi’s WANDERLUST team (with Italian Olympian Filippo Baldassari as tactician, Luca Tubaro & Matteo Morellina) and Gianfranco Noè’s WHITE HAWK team (Matija Succi, Giuliano Chiandussi, Barbara Bomben & Giovanni Gallego), in second and third, respectively. The 2023 J/70 Cup is supported by Lincoln International, Alphazer, Garmin, Armare Ropes, Serena Wines, Vela Mania, Zhik, UtilGraph, IPA and the OneOcean Foundation. For more Italian J/70 Cup series information, visit

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