The Spanish J/70 Atlantic fleet completed their fourth act of the Villalia J/70 Winter Series in the waters of the Vigo estuary and surrounding islands. After three races on Saturday, Sancho Páramo and Pablo Iglesias’ NACUA-SOGACSA was leading comfortably. Second, after the first day was Luis Pérez Canal’s ABRIL VERDE, followed in third by Malalo Bermúdez de Castro’s LAGUARDIA & MOREIRA. The balance of the top five included Luis Bugallo’s MARNATURA 1 in fourth and Luis Martín Cabiedes’ NOTICIA in fifth place. After the good racing on Saturday, Sunday ended up being a disappointing day. The extremely light northeasterly flow preventing any seabreeze from materializing all day long. By noon, the PRO raised the AP/A flags and called it quits for the day. So, Saturday’s standings stood for the regatta. With 15 races held so far over the first four regattas, the discard races have come into effect for the series standings. As a result, Araujo’s LAGUARDIA & MOREIRA is leading with 44 points, followed in second by Iglesias’s NACUA-SOGACSA with 54 points, Luiz Perez Canal’s ABRIL VERDE in third, and Jorge Perez Canal’s ABRIL ROJO in fourth place. Sitting in fifth place is Willy Alonso’s SENECA SW.

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