The Manufacturer Declaration
The Manufacturer Declaration is issued by the International J/70 Class Association, and contains the hull number, sail number, name of owner and other important information. It officially registers the boat with the Class and is one of the essential tools which is used to track whether the boat is in compliance with the Class Rules.  (See CR A.10 through A.13.)

Changes to a Boat
Under our “Closed Class” Rules, only certain changes are permitted to be made to a J/70.  Those permitted changes are described under CR Section C and in the Building Specification posted on the Class website.   Any other changes to the hull, hull appendages and rig are only permitted if made by or with the approval of the manufacturer.  (See CR D.2.5, E.2.2 and F.2.3.)  In the event any of these other changes are made, or if adaptations are made under C.7.2(l), these changes must be reported to the Class Association and recorded on the Manufacturer Declaration.  The previous Manufacturer Declaration is then invalid, and a new Manufacturer Declaration may be issued to the owner.

Obtaining Your Manufacturer Declaration
You can obtain a copy of the Manufacturer Declaration for your hull by contacting the Class Association at

New and Previously Undocumented Boats
If you are requesting a Manufacturer Declaration for a new boat or a previously undocumented boat, you must first get the boat weighed, corrector weights installed (if needed) and the weight numbers recorded by a Class Measurer.  A record of the weight with the measurer’s signature must be sent to the Class Association at The Class Office will then send you the final Manufacturer Declaration for your records.

Manufacturer Declaration Form

  • Co-Owner Information

  • Additional Information

  • Weight Information