The Boryeong Sailing Club again hosted the Asian Cup J/70 Boryeong International Yacht Regatta off Daecheon Beach in Boryeong City, Korea. Ten teams from across the Asia-Pacific region participated in the four-day regatta, completing 11 races across a wide variety of conditions. In the end, winning was the New Zealand team. The regatta was organized by Chungnam Sailing Association, supervised by the Organizing Committee for Asian Cup Boryeong International Yacht Championship, and supported by the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Boryeong-si, Korea Sailing Federation, Organizing Committee for Boryoeng Sea Mud Exhibition and Boryeong Festival & Tourism Foundation. The event enjoys widespread popularity in the region. For this year alone, the organizing committee received 77 applications from 16 countries. The selection committee picked teams from Korea, Japan, New Zealand, France, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Denmark, Thailand, Italy and the Philippines. The regatta is popular for two reasons: one is sailing, and the other is the famous 24th Boryeong Mud Festival. Said Mayor Kim Dong-il, “We run a differentiated yacht competition that combines experience and tourism by linking the Boryeong International Yacht Competition and the famous Mud festival. We will foster Boryeong as the center of the yacht industry and a base for marine leisure tourism.” In the 11-race, one-discard series, it was Team New Zealand who won the regatta by a convincing margin of 26 points net, with eight podium races in their counters. The TNZ team consisted of skipper Thomas Kenneth Saunders, Matthew Frederik Kempkers and Olivia Gtacei Mackay. Second place went to Team Thailand with 35 points net, with skipper Totsapon Mahawichean, Hanphol Chavasilp, Peerapol Wisaka and Natthawut Paenyaem. The final step on the podium went to Team Malaysia with 36 points net. Their team consisted of skipper Khairulnizam Bin Modh Afendy, Ahmad Faizul Aswad Bin Mohamed, Asri Bin Azman and Ahmad Hakhimi Bin Ahmad Shukri. It was a very tight finish for the top five, with Team France rolling into fourth place with 37 points net and Team Denmark taking fifth place with 50 points net. For more Asian Cup J/70 Boryeong International Yacht Regatta information, visit

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