The Danish J/70 Sailing League season started at Lynæs Sail & Kayak Club. Eighteen of the country’s best club teams in the first division were ready to go racing off the small town of Lynæs at the tip of Halsnæs. The ultimate winners, the Kalovig COBRAS, started with five first places in Saturday’s first five races, but a fifth place in the sixth race contributed to the Aarhus team ending in a shared first place after Saturday’s races with the Frederikshavn SEAHAWKS. In the end, the Kalovig COBRAS won the regatta, closing out with a 3-1-5-1-1 to win by just 2 points. Their skipper, Lars Vilhelmsen, commented on their weekend victory, “We have been really excited about the start of the season this year. It was awesome to start out with a whole bunch of first places. We really felt that the training and the Champions League regatta had borne fruit. The weekend also showed that we are making few mistakes. However, they cost just as much more points than they might be! This means that we now have to go home and work to keep the high level.” The Kaløvig Cobras team consisted of Lars Vilhelmsen, Sophus Jarvig, Jesper Vogelios and Nikolaj Tidemann. The average age of the very young team was approximately 22 years old. Rounding out the podium was Frederikshavn Sejlklub in second and Sonderborg Yacht-Club in third (winning a tie-breaker over Hellerup Sejlklub). Fifth was Bandholm Sejlklub. For more Danish J/70 Sailing League information, visit

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