Jonathan Calascione’s Calypso with James Peters, Morgan Peach and Dave Kohler of Great Britain bested 87 other teams to secure the J/70 European Championship in Hyeres France. Notably, Calypso also topped the One-Pro Division. They won one race, discarded a 20 and finished with 41 net points. Richard Witzel’s Rowdy (USA) was only two points off the pace as runner-up (Carlos Robles, Tomas Dietrich, Bernardo Freitas). Ahmet Eker’s Eker Kaymak (TUR) placed third overall as well as Corinthian Champion including the team of Burak Zengin, Yasar Doga Aribas and Cem Gozen. Congratulations to Laura Grondin’s Dark Energy (USA) as top female skipper, and also fourth overall. The FFVoile Youth (FRA) group of Timothée Rossi, Thibault Demai, Charles Henon, Erwan Felio and Clara Bayol gained the Youth Division victory. Earning the title in the Mixed Division was Tellme Mobile (DEN) comprised of Chris Norgaard, Peder Schimmel, Brandt Jensen Mille and Anne Marie Rindom. No racing took place on Saturday due to high winds from a mistral. The Championship concluded with seven races from September 13-17. Forty-one boats participated fully amateur and 19 with one professional. Nineteen nations were on hand: AUS, BRA, DEN, ESP, EST, FRA, GBR, GER, IRL, ITA, MEX, MON, NED, NOR, POR, SUI, SWE, TUR, USA. Photos and video are available on the International J/70 Class Facebook page, and complete results may be found at

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