More than 100 J/70s contended for the inaugural title of J/70 Corinthian World Champion for 12 races over five days. With such a level of competition, it didn’t surprise anyone that the victor was decided in the final battle. In the Gold Fleet (55 boats), Alberto Guarischi’s Three Musketeers (BRA) with Antonio Moreira, Pedro Amaral and Felipe Rondina emerged triumphant with 11 net points. In the Championship series, three races had been completed heading into the final day. Ian Dobson/Charles Thompson’s Brutus II (GBR) won the opening battle, then Guarischi’s Three Musketeers the next, setting up a match race to settle the title. With the discard coming into effect, the Brazilian team was able to drop a prior BFD. In the final race, Three Musketeers finished fourth to Brutus II’s 25th, sealing the win for Guarischi’s team. Tonu Toniste’s Lenny (EST) compiled a very consistent series to secure the bronze position.

The Qualification Series occurred for the first two days, followed by three days of Championship racing. In the Silver Fleet (54 boats), Renato Faria’s ToNessa (BRA) with Alice Faria, Daniel Santiago and Alexandre Tinoco ruled, finishing only in the top five for 8 net points. Martin Hestbaek’s Pipaluk (DEN) placed second, followed by Ingvar Ferby’s Folkeslivs (SWE).

Winners were also announced in the following categories:
Mixed Plus: Ragna Agerup, Patrick Shanahan, Marie Lothe, Jorun Rennan and Helene Gjerde on Ragnarock (NOR)
All Female: Winnie Walsted, Mette Brydensholt, Camilla Ritzau, Betina Merrild Yde and Sofie Madsen on Naja (DEN)
Young Team: Edoardo Marelli, Mees de Graaf, Ivo Polderman and Paul Sebregts on Muiden Delft Challenge (NED)
Female Helm: Isabelle Fellows (GBR) on Calypso (almost 10% of entrants boasted a helmswoman)

Conditions on Saturday were quite brisk with breeze in the mid-teens and cool temperatures, allowing three races in each group. Race winners in the Gold Fleet were: Dobson/Thompson’s Brutus II (GBR), Guarischi’s Three Musketeers (BRA) and Sam Haynes’ Celestial (AUS). And in the Silver Fleet: Ferby’s Folkeslivs (SWE), Morten Fjerbaek’s Hvidløget (DEN) and Faria’s ToNessa.

Countries represented at the Royal Danish Yacht Club in Denmark (109 boats): AUS, BEL, BRA, DEN, ESP, EST, GBR, GER, FIN, NED, NOR, SUI, SWE, USA. Photos are available at, and complete results may be found at


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