This year’s first competition in the Swedish J/70 Sailing League was conducted in a sunny Skanör for a fleet of 18 teams from across Sweden. Halmstads Segelsällskap took the lead on Friday and kept it until it was time for the finale. The finale has double points awarded, and there is ample opportunity for teams to assert themselves and force big changes in the standings. In the end, that is exactly what happened in the first regatta in Skanor. The outcome was the huge swing in the standings in the “sudden death” final race. Halmstads scored last in that finale to post a punishing 12 points to end up second place. Winning was the Segelsällskapet Åmålsviken team by destroying their competitors in the finale. Third went to Sotefjordens Segelsällskap that had a poor last race by taking fifth. “In the finals, we were completely clean from all boats all the way. With a little extra luck that the boats that were closest to the scoring, Halmstad and Sotefjord, got a penalty or stuck a little at the start. All the stars stood in the right direction all the way,” said Tomas Skålén, coach for Allamålsviken. Follow the Swedish J/70 Sailing League on Facebook at

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