Like their fellow J/70 sailing leagues across Europe, it has been difficult to conduct any regatta due to the restrictions placed at multiple levels of regulations. However, Germany’s various agencies finally permitted the Deutsche Segel-bundesliga to host their first event of the season on the Wansee Lake for 36 sailing clubs sailing in their fleet of a dozen J/70s. Day 1: Strong winds and gusts dominated the Wannsee. While the conditions were tough on many sailors and only allowed three flights, the second division Joersfelder Segelclub seemed to be in their element. At the end of the day, they held a nine-point lead over the Kieler Yacht Club and the Academic Sailing Club Warnemünde. Following the races, the prizes for the eSailing J/70 Bundesliga powered by BAY were awarded on Saturday. The Mühlenberger Segelclub happily accepted the set of sails from partner Fritz Segel, sponsored by the title sponsor BAY. The next two places received prizes from Robline and Marinepool: the runner-up Bodensee-Yacht-Club Überlingen and third place team Düsseldorf Yacht Club. Day 2: The one Kiel team demonstrated their skills. In difficult conditions, with weak winds from multiple directions, the Kiel team defended their top position with consistency, taking five wins out of 10 races. In the second division, the Joersfeld sailing club catapulted itself to first place. The Segel und Motorboot Club Überlingen and the Chiemsee Yacht Club sailed well to take second and third places, respectively. In the second league, the Joersfeld Sailing Club won six out of nine races in a row, making up five places on the leaderboard. In addition to the front-runner Joersfeld, the teams from the Academic Sailing Club Warnemünde and the Bodensee-Yacht-Club Überlingen also enjoyed the conditions at Wannsee as they landed in second and third place, respectively. For more J/70 Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga information, visit

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