Twelve women’s teams participated in this year’s edition of the WOW Regatta (Women-on-Water) sailed in Sundby, Denmark, a village north of Copenhagen on the Baltic Sea. Using a matched fleet of six J/70s from their Danish, the women were assured of fun, fair, close competition. From September 18-19, teams completed 11 races in just two days. It was a tight battle for the top of the podium between three teams. Starting off with a 3-1-2-3 tally on the first day, the Royal Danish Yacht Club’s TEAM PELLE PETERSEN won all remaining seven races for a total of 16 points. One-upping them by also winning seven races was Hellerup Sailing Club’s HIGHFLIERS TEAM, adding just four seconds to win by one point over their KDY friends. Starting out by leading the regatta with four straight firsts was Aarhus Sejlklub’s TEAM SALT. Their next four races dropped them down the leaderboard despite posting all podium finishes of 3-3-2-2. Finally, they closed with a 1-1-3 to end up with 19 points and take home the bronze. Follow the WOW Women-on-Water J/70 sailing program on Facebook at

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