With 11 of the 12 scheduled races completed, the great participation of Brazilians in the J/70 South American Championship has been confirmed. The first nine places of the 14 were from Brazil.

I’m in this BRA 1174 – Renato Cunha, Marco Grael, Kadja Brandão, Felipe Fraquelli and André Fonseca
Viking BRA 641 – Haroldo Solberg, Geison Mendes, Mario Tinoco and Gabriel Silva
Naughty BRA 1301 – Silvio Morelli, Samuel Albrecht, Gustavo Thiesen and Rodolfo Streibel
3Three Musketeers BRA 709 – Maurício Santa Cruz, Pedro Tinoco, Nick Grael and André Guarischi
Mindset BRA 1226 – Ralph Rosa, Alfredo Rovere, Julio Falcao and Guilherme Hamelmann

Corinthian Division:
Bossa Nova BRA 1293 – Marcos Pinto Ribeiro, Tiago Quevedo, Breno Kneipp, Ian Paim and Georgia Rodrigues
Juan Plan B URU 760 – Pedro Garra, Juan Real de Azúia, Quique Schickendantz and Ivan Guicheff
Sh Shambhala URU 1368 – Diego Wulff, Carlos Fraschini, Francisco Bottino and Frederico Fraschini

One Pro:
Cacique ARG 1199 – Sergio Pendola, Matias Santangelo, Juan Filidoro and Ignacio Giammona

The next J/70 South Americans will be in December 2023 in Argentina. Congratulations to all participants and the organizers and sponsors: Sailors do Sul, Quantum Sails Brazil and V. elo Sailing & Ropes. The Championship was beautiful! For more information, visit https://vds.com.br/pt/j70.

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