The KDY Organizing Committee and the International J/70 Class Association had a meeting to go through all options for making the 2021 J/70 European Championship a success. The restrictions and regulations on how to adapt to the Corona situation would most likely make sailing possible, but there will be restrictions with respect to how many boats on the water at the same time, restrictions on how to behave in the harbor and all social activities would be cancelled. And even with the most flexible planning, competitors might end up in a situation where sailing would be impossible because of travel restrictions, etc. Therefore, it was decided to move the Championship to late August this year. Registration/inspections will start on August 27 and the prize-giving ceremony will conclude the Championship on September 4. The event was scheduled in June at the Royal Danish Yacht Club. The revised Notice of Race will be posted in the coming days at It is our hope to be able to host a great and “normal” regatta with activity at the harbor, socializing and great racing later this year.

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