The Trofeo Bosch Service Solutions J/70 Winter Series, hosted by the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, brought together the best sailors from across Spain to race in the waters of the Vigo estuary. The fourth and final event of the winter long series 2018/2019 saw Jose Maria “Pichu” Torcida. His Real Club Maritimo Santander team on NOTICIA V consisted of Pablo Santurde del Arco, Luis Martin Cabiedes and Rayco Tabares. On Saturday, the RCN Vigo PRO managed to run three good races. Leading was the SOGACSA team (Pablo Iglesias, Sancho Paramo, Javier Porto and Iago Carrera); they posted a consistent 3-5-2 for 10 points. Two teams were tied for second—the series leader LAGUARDIA & MOREIRA (Alfredo Gonzalez and Gonzalo Araujo) posting a 11-1-1 and Torcida’s NOTICIA team with a 1-6-6, for 13 points each. On Sunday, it took a long time for the south wind to gain sufficient strength for racing, but it finally filled in around 1200 hrs. However, due to the 1400 hrs time limit, only two more races were completed. Splitting the two races, each with a 1-2, were Torcida’s NOTICIA and Enrique Freire and Manuel Cunha’s MARNATURA (with crew of Gerardo Prego Menor, Luis Bugallo Arriola, Alberto Basadre López and Jorge Lorenzo Roman). As a result, NOTICA won the fourth event with just 16 points after five races, followed by SOGACSA in second with 19 points and MARNATURA in third with 21 points. The balance of the top five was determined on a tie-breaker between LAGUARDIA & MOREIRA and PAZO DE CEA (Pablo Martinez Abad, Ramón Ojea, Guago Mosquera, Rodrigo Ojea, Pancho Tourón and Ángel Tourón). Winning that countback was L&M. The results of the final weekend showed that LAGUARDIA & MOREIRA was the dominator, winning the 21-race Trofeo Bosch Services Solutions Winter Series Regatta by an enormous margin of 42 points. The series consisted of four weekends, one per month, from November to February. Completing the podium in second was ABRIL VERDE (Luis Perez Canal, Carlos San Martin, Juan De Cominges Carvallo, Rafael Martínez-Almeida and Edu Reguera), and in third was SOGACSA. The top three teams were all from RCN Vigo. Rounding out the top five was Torcida’s NOTICIA in fourth place (having missed the first regatta in November) and Luis Albert Solano’s PATAKIN in fifth place from Club Maritimo Mallorca. For more Trofeo Bosch Service Solutions J/70 Winter Series information, visit

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